Lightweight, shockproof, robust furniture with a weight-bearing capacity. Particularly comfortable for users and with an appealing aesthetic design. Hard-wearing and low maintenance. Easy to assemble and disassemble, to transport and to store (saving on space). Hygienic and easy to clean. Resistant to moisture and UV rays. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Sturdy and durability

Equipped with a manual lock for greater stability when in use. The manual lock offers less looseness, thereby making the table more stable. Special long-lasting rivets.

Short radius corners

When joining two tables and covering them with a tablecloth, the short radius of the table top’s corners makes the joining almost invisible. The gap between the tables is virtually invisible.


Longitudinal and transverse table joining system.


Comfortable for those seated at the end of the table.

Table leg features

Special leg clips. New leg clips, designed for square-shaped table legs. Accessory gliders. Special foot caps, designed to fit gliders.

Aesthetically appealing

Even without skirting, the table is aesthetically pleasing for hotel and restaurant settings. Even when uncovered, it is aesthetically pleasing.


High density of vaults in the lower surface of the table top. Resistant and non-warping.

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