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Plug-Rs ® were developed by Walter G. Doherty during the 1960s with the encouragement of Brooklyn Union Gas personnel who were looking for a solution to the problem of bar holes turning into potholes. During the 1970s, tent suppliers began to use Plug-Rs for tent stake holes. In order to eliminate these common problems, Walter had to create a strong, yet pliable substance which could not only effectively patch the area, but also stand up to the cold and hot cycles experienced in the Northeastern United States. The Plug-R is a fast, easy, and cost effective way to prevent a small test hole from becoming a large pothole. When used for tent stakes, the Plug-R prevents damage to asphalt and helps maintain an attractive surface.

Plug-R Plugs are the perfect solution to a long standing problem. When you make a bar hole or tent stake hole, you need a fast and efficient way to plug the hole after the work is done. The specially formulated asphalt plug stays right where you want it…in the hole! Cold weather won’t crack it, hot weather won’t melt it. It’s easy to use, store, and transport. When viewed on the basis of per unit cost, Plug-R is much more cost effective than any alternative we’ve ever seen. Plug-R goes in quickly and looks great, blending with the surface of the drilled area. No extra filling is necessary.

The 3/4" Plug-R is suitable for filling 3/4" holes and has a top diameter of 1"
There are 512 Plug-R plugs in a case.

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