Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine

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This Robot Pallet Stretch Wrapper is a versatile mobile robot for wrapping palletized loads of any shape, weight and dimension with stretch film in very short amount of time. The PP-4510R robot stretch wrapper is ideal for chemical and electronic industry , building materials and home appliances .

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Product Details:

All function parameters on display
Bottom pallet wrapping rounds from 0-10

Top pallet wrapping rounds from 0-10
Photocell sensing externally adjustable
Spool carriage up/downward speed adjustable from 1,3 a 5, 4 M/MIN
4 separate wrapping cycles
Double cycle (upward/downward)
Single cycle (only upward or only downward)


Single cycle (only upward or only downward)
Fixed height of reinforcing wrapping rounds
Manually adjustable wrap style
Item Specifications
Control System: PLC control
Power supply: AC220V/50-60HZ 10A
Battery: 100AH(12V) 1 Pcs
Battery charging time: 8-10 H
Rated Duty Cycle: 8 H
Drive motor power: 0.4KW (DC motor with governor)
Lifting motor power:0.2KW (DC motor with governor)
Minimum wrapping size: 600*600mm
Maximum traveling speed:62min/min
Maximum Film spool diameter: 250mm
Internal diameter: 75mm
Film spool height: 500mm
Machine weight: 320KG
Maximum pallet height: 2200mm
Manually adjustable wrap style

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